FAME’S offers you a Complete Orchestral Buyout Recording Package for Films scores, Television, Videos Games, Classical Music, Music Library & Pop Music projects.
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For very optimized budget you can book the studio, FAME’S - Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra, Choir & Soloists.

Please find below the list of available services:

  • Production manager for your project
  • Fully equipped studio with excellent acoustic
  • Orchestration services — Music preparation — Copyists in Finale & Sibelius
  • Pre-Production (set up Pro Tools, synchro images)
  • Post-Production (editing, mixing 2.0)
  • Qualified team sound engineer - pro Tools manager - stage manager
  • Organizing your stay in Macedonia, transport services, hotels, restaurants, visits etc
  • Full remote recording session with source live technology. Record projects at distance without leaving your studio
  • Free budget quotes so that you can instantly see the cost of recording with FAME'S
  • Shooting crew and technical equipment for making of
  • Shared Session - book as small as a one hour session anytime, for small strings ensemble up to full orchestra
  • Fast delivery of recording material directly after end of each session via dropbox (cloud) or myairbridge (downloadable link)
Created in 2007, FAME’S – Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra is a permanent orchestra who has participated to over 1500 international recording projects since its creation.
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The orchestra and choir have gained over the years extraordinary experience in every possible recording style, from film music to video games, music library, commercials or pop music… The orchestra and choir regroup skilled, talented players and singers able to deliver a great performance of your score in very short time.
The new FAME’S recording stage opened its door in October 2017.  Specially designed for orchestral sessions, the studio will please all demanding composers, audio producers and mixers.
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Acoustically designed by french engineers Camille Hamel & Jean-Marc Vernaudon in cooperation with architect Besian Mehmeti, the studio is 24m x 14m x 8m (79 ft x 46ft x 27ft) and with its variable acoustic, can accommodate a small ensemble to full 80+ players orchestra. Especially designed for orchestral sessions, the studio will please all demanding composers, audio producers and mixers. The studio, available 7/7, is also a great option to record solo piano or a solo instrumentalist.

The recording stage, located near the center of Skopje, is available 24h/7h.

Find below list of equipment available:

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  • Mixing Console: SSL Duality (48 channels) — Millenia HV-3D 8 Channels

  • Microphones: (3) Neumann M150 — (4) Neumann U87 — (3) Neumann U47 — (1) Flea 47 Tube — (2) Neumann M147 — (1) Neumann TLM 170 — (8) Neumann KM 184 — (6) Sennheiser MKH8040 — (5) Schoeps Mk 4 — (2) Schoeps Mk 2S — (2) Royer R-122 — (2) Coles 4038 — (3) Electrovoice RE20 — (2) AKG C414 — (3) Sennheiser MD421 — (1) Sennheiser MD441 — (1) Beyer M88 — (1) Audix D4 — (1) Audix D2 — (1) Shure SM 58 Beta

  • DAW & Converters: Digidesign Pro Tools HDX - Pro Tools 12 — Apple Mac Pro — 2 x SSL XLogic Alpha-Link — 1 x SSL XLogic Delta Link MADI HD

  • Outboard equipment: Reverb : TC electronic M6000 — Bricasti M7

  • Monitors: Speakers ATC SCM 100A — Speakers Adams S2.5A

  • Video Projection: 2 X Panasonic Plasma 42p

  • Remote Software: Source Connect Live (Remote Sessions) — Source Connect Pro

  • Instruments: Grand Piano / Harp / Timpani / Percussion (Gran Cassa, Snare, Cymbals, Vibraphone, Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Marimba etc)
Our studio incorporates Source Connect Live and Source Connect Pro technology, allowing you to record your projects without leaving the comfort of your own studio.
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Contact us and we will help you organizing your stay in Skopje. We can advise you on best hotels to choose, organize your driver at airport & hotel <—> studio, make you discover best restaurants in town... and of course set up meetings with team and conductor to prepare your recording project.
But if travelling is not so easy, working at distance with the orchestra via internet is possible and very comfortable. We provide a complete and reliable online recording solution, a remote session service for professionals who want to record quality live music with orchestral musicians for small and large projects.
The pristine sound quality is the same in your studio as in the control room of our studio while installed HD camera allows you to see the orchestra at work, and a direct talk-back connection with the conductor allows you to dictate your interpretive indications in real time.
In 2008 FAME’S was the very first music production company to propose shared sessions. Since then, hundreds of composers around the world regularly use this great service.
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Since then, hundreds of composers around the world who need orchestral services but do not want to book a lot of session time use this great service. For a small ensemble or bigger orchestra, we have a lot of availability every month to propose you, optimizing both your time and your budget. Booking our orchestra for a 5 minutes project is very easy: just contact us!
What are the benefits ?
• booking an orchestra for 1 hour is possible !
• many slots available every month
• cost effective: share the session - divide the costs
• recording a live orchestra is finally affordable
• record your project without leaving your studio
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